HOUSTON, Texas — I think four-day workweeks should be unconstitutional.

OK, not really. But when you squeeze 40+ hours into 32 hours, why does it always seem like it ends up as 64 hours?

I was on a drive along Westheimer Road and noticed the sky doing some pretty cool things. Since most of West Houston is a maze of power lines and billboards, I followed the road all the way out to George Bush Park on the very edge of town.

Here’s a dying shower raining itself out:

A note about George Bush Park (and many Houston parks, in general): It only recently reopened. Many of our parks here are lowlands and are designed to flood to try and keep as much water out of the streets and homes as possible.

George Bush Park is part of the giant Addicks Reservoir surrounded by levees and designed to hold water destined for the Buffalo Bayou. That water then is slowly released. With the April floods this year, that took a few months.