Last night was simply electric. Backing up a bit, the first few months of 2017 have been exhilarating, filled with a crushing defeat, an awakening, a spur to action, a much needed change and a new path for growth.

If you'd asked me two years ago whether I would ever leave Houston, I would have given a firm, "Hell no!" Not going into details, things changed. The job I thought was the opportunity of a lifetime, the goal I'd set for myself almost two decades ago, had been reached. There wasn't anything I could think of that could get in my way. I was ready to settle — or so I thought.

It's amazing how uncontrollable forces can show you things. And when you think about it, those things you're shown are what you've realized for a long time. 

That's the "aha!" part of it, so to speak. (H/T to Oprah.) The "where you are/what you're doing is not where you're supposed to be/what you should be doing" thing.

It can be a jarring revelation. It can rock you to your foundation. This has been a spiritual earthquake that has produced positive effects.

What the past few weeks have taught me is that I was in a rigid rut of low expectations for myself. I'd bounced around from city to city, newspaper to newspaper expecting a different result but knowing full well that I wouldn't get it, but not listening to that inner voice telling me it was time to change.

Making the leap has done wonders for my confidence. I'm in uncharted waters, and from the outside looking in, it would seem I'm in over my head. But it doesn't feel that way. I'm realistic — I'm a Virgo, after all — but I realize I'm learning new skills. More importantly, I'm in a supportive, nurturing environment of the kind of coworkers and bosses that, frankly, I never knew existed. I can't begin to tell you how much that helps.

So, last night, my bosses trusted me with handling my first live broadcast. I worked the camera, talked back and forth to producers over headsets and it felt so natural. I learned a ton about how TV works. New skills mean personal and professional growth. I'm also learning editing and differences in TV interviewing skills. It's exhilarating and electric.

I'm not sure where this path ultimately will lead, but that's the exciting part. It's as if I've opened a door to a new hallway filled with new sets of doors to take.

It's going to be fun figuring out which one to open.